Credit-card-savings-calculator Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Credit-card-savings-calculator (CCSC) constantly strives to provide the highest quality service possible.

We have prepared this "Terms of Service" to help you understand CCSC’s "house rules" and to define each of our responsibilities during the term of your membership.

This system is a shared community resource, and therefore we impose certain limitations on the way their users may use their account. Most of these rules are simply common sense. All of these rules are made to ensure that CCSC and our system continue to operate efficiently and provide all members with the best service possible.

These rules may be amended from time to time to take into account new technologies that may be developed, or to address new issues that were not contemplated at the time that this document was written. New rules will be posted on this page as they become available. Notification of rule changes will be made through CCSC’s message system. It is the responsibility of each CCSC member to remain appraised of all new rules as they become effective.

In the event that any portion of the Terms of Service is held to be invalid or unenforceable, that portion shall be construed in accordance with applicable law as nearly as possible to reflect the original intentions of the parties, and the remainder of the Terms of Service shall remain in full force and effect. Your continued use of CCSC’s service following any modification to the Terms of Service shall be conclusively deemed as acceptance of the modification.

CCSC reserves the right to refuse service to any person. As a practical matter, this would only happen if we felt that providing that person service would be in conflict with our interests or our ability to provide a quality service to other members.

CCSC’s "House Rules"

1. Don't do anything to disrupt CCSC’s computers, network, or other members' computers or network connections. Don't attempt to gain access to restricted access areas which you do not have permissions to access, including other member accounts or administrative accounts.

CCSC monitors the system for signs of unusual activity, and thoroughly investigates all sources of trouble.
CCSC monitors the network electronically in many ways. We always restrict access to the monitoring devices to only a few security and administrative personnel and don’t review individual member activities unless we suspect that the person is engaged in activities that would bring harm to CCSC, the Internet, or another person. This security process is called keystroke monitoring.

2. Use of agents, 'bots’ and other automatons is prohibited.

Use of automatons to access CCSC or conduct any system activity is forbidden unless it is conducted through our published API.  Access through our API is covered through its own terms of service.

3. Actions that may harm CCSC’s business, reputation or ability to conduct business.
In a few rare cases over the past few years, we have observed individuals engaged in activities that had the potential to disrupt CCSC’s business, or damage CCSC’s reputation. In some of these cases, the person causing the disturbance attempted to continue their activity, claiming that they were exercising their freedom of speech. CCSC believes strongly in the preservation of each individual’s right to express themselves. This does not, however, enable any person to use CCSC’s services to annoy, harass or disparage any person, business or organization, including CCSC. CCSC reserves without limitation the right to deny service to any person who acts in a manner contrary to CCSC’s continued efficient operation.

4. Only one active login per username. Users must not sell and/or provide their username and password to any other individual or entity.  Businesses or other legally recognized entities may have more than one person maintain a business or organization account.  Such use is limited to CCSC discretion.
CCSC’s responsibilities and legal liabilities.

CCSC conducts its service on a "best effort" basis. No representations are made that any of CCSC’s services are suitable for any particular purpose. CCSC makes no expressed guarantee that system access will be available at any given time, or that any particular service will be available at any given time. The Internet is a multi-vendor network, and all service providers are to some degree dependent on the networks and systems of other service providers. No assurance is made that any service will be accessible at any given time, or that its performance will meet a particular criterion. Member agrees to indemnify and hold CCSC harmless against any losses member or any third party incurs (including attorney fees) resulting from use of CCSC’s service. CCSC will not be responsible for data loss.

Members use CCSC’s service through the public data network.

Use of CCSC’s Internet facilities for illegal activities of any kind, including unauthorized use, forging user identification information, copyright infringement and software piracy is strictly prohibited.

CCSC reserves without limit the right to revoke an account for any reason. Any account that is willfully misused, or that in any way negatively impacts the operation of CCSC, its network, or the reasonable use of CCSC’s service by other customers will be permanently revoked without a refund.
The benefits or rights of this service agreement are non-transferable. Use of CCSC accounts is expressly limited to the individual or organization whose name appears on the account.